I have been working with Beachbody coaches for over three years, from Emerald to 15-star diamond, and there is one constant business building item that every coach struggles with at one time and that is creating challenging groups that engage.

Since I have worked with a variety of coaches, I have a ton of best practices that work to create challenges that your customers want to keep coming back too!

Here are my top 4 tips:

1. Create Swoon Worthy Content. Stop running those challenges that do not offer any type of value. You know the posts, “Thirsty Thursday” or “Motivation Monday” — what are your challengers really getting from these types of posts.

Part of your job as their coach is to educate and provide an atmosphere that boosts them up on their low days when they want to quit! You should build your challengers up in the same way you build your new coaches. Teach your challengers the basics of clean eating, meal prepping, understanding the WHY behind it, not just because of the “do as I do” mentality. In order for your challengers to be successful in the long-term, the information you provide them needs to transfer into real-life.

2. Be Unique. Every coach out there has run at least (probably a hundred) “Back-to-Basics, Clean Eating” type of group. Yes, it has its place, but you should be providing that content in all of your groups. Create unique groups that fit your niche, your customer, that alleviate their pain points and provides solutions.

For example, if you are a new mom, you could run a “New Mom Bootcamp”, where you discuss the joys, struggles, ups & downs of motherhood, plus time-saving tips, quick meals, toddler/baby proofing solutions and etc.

Pro tip: Create your challenge groups with no end date. Challenge groups (yes, paid ones) should be run ongoing with all of your current customers. Health and fitness do not have an end date so why should your challenge?

3. Keep everyone (including yourself) accountable. With the new scheduling features within Facebook groups and the old scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, many coaches schedule the content and rarely come back into the group to engage.

Newsflash: Your challengers know!

Post daily check-ins or rate your day posts to keep your challengers engage and accountable, and you should be commenting on these as well. Tag and shout out your challengers throughout the week, whether they are rocking it or they are having a tough week.

Pro tip: Go live in your group, even if it is for 5 minutes. Provide realness and value.

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4. Create excitement. Tell your challengers to come back tomorrow for a “special recipe” or because you are sharing a “tip that will make weeknights easier”. Create reasons for your challengers to keep coming back!

There are so many additional ways to ensure your challenge groups are successful and your challengers thrive not just now, for these 21 days, but for a lifetime.

Be on the look-out, I am sure part two is coming soon!

Comment below and tell me which tip resonates the most with you.