In part one of this series, we discussed why visual marketing is integral to your social media strategy and how a brand board can create consistency on all of your platforms. Your brand voice is just as important.

In part two of this series, we discussed how building a brand voice and staying authentic is a foundation block of your social media strategy.

In part three of this series, we discussed why consistency is key to build trust with your social media.

In part four of this series, you developed a unique posting strategy to get your audience to stick around.

Putting all of these pieces together can be overwhelming and evaluating how to develop a strategy can be daunting which is why full social media audits are vital.

Social media is more than just posting a picture or content and forgetting about it. Building an effective strategy means using the schedulers and design options to your advantage.

social media branding audit tools

Here are my favorite social media scheduling tools right now:

Social media schedulers: Scheduling your social media posts are a surefire way to get your content out into the world while growing your visibility, providing valuable content, and ultimately making more money. Because, of course, that’s what business is all about… the bottom line.

I am sure you have heard or used a few, but my all time favorite is, Buffer.

Graphic Design: You have to stay on brand right and creating templates in Canva, is the easiest and quickest way to accomplish that!

Link.tre: Do you hate how Instagram only gives you one link option, but you have more than one place to send people too, like your FB group, your party site, your other social media sites, Link.tre allows you to have one link to direct them to different areas. Copy your long link and paste into your account. Easily make custom links and track how many clicks you get and where they were referred from.

Love Pinterest? It is the number one referrer of website traffic! Need to up your Pinterest game? BoardBooster!

Do you have a favorite I have not mentioned? Let me know below or over on my Facebook page.