Most small businesses and entrepreneurs rely on social media to grow their business and build a community, but are you making these social media mistakes?

Here are strategies to help you avoid the faux-pax and ensure your social media is on point:

Ignoring your followers

Are you trying to build your audience? Or perhaps you are a network marketer and trying to grow your tribe? Social media can give you the reach that you need, but don’t inadvertently ignore your current audience.

Make an effort to respond to all comments on your posts and interact with those that are already are following you.

PRO TIP: Do not use bots or be spammy.

No CTA  (call-to-actions)

Social media does not provide you with magic and automatically tell your ideal client to find you or buy from you. You have to show and tell your audience how to purchase and engage with you. Each of your posts should tell your audience exactly what you want them to do next.

Each call to action should be specific. Suggestions, “click here”, “comment below”, etc.

Adding people to your groups automatically

Umm. No. We have all been there. Added to a group that we have no interest in, either a VIP shopping group or a mom’s networking group. I am not sure who created this frenzy, but most do not appreciate the automatic add.

Always, send them a message to extend the invite to the group. In the message mention, what the group is about, why you think they may benefit and also include a link to the group so they can add themselves.

You aren’t automating

Are you still in the age of manually managing your social media? If so, I bet you feel overwhelmed. Automation is one easy way to free up your time while implementing your social media strategy.

Social media schedulers, like SmarterQueue, and content planning, like Co-Schedule or even Asana, will not only free up your time but also in organizing your upcoming content.

Being consistent

If you want to be successful at anything, consistency is the key, and the same tactic applies to social media. One way to ensure you are being consistent is to create a realistic plan and timeslots that you will be sharing to social media.

Set a goal, consistently meet that goal with your content and then gradually increase your visibility by adding additional timeslots for livestreaming to your audience or content.

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