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Expand Your Business with a Social Media Strategy: Your Brand Voice

What is your brand voice? Have you ever thought about how your voice may affect your social media strategy? In part one of this series, we discussed why visual marketing is integral to your social media strategy and how a brand board can create consistency on all of your platforms. Your brand voice is just […]

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Expand Your Business with a Social Media Strategy: Branding

The first place to start with your social media strategy is to ensure it aligns with your branding, your mission, and your message. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if your current social media strategy is working for you. These are simple questions to begin the foundation of building a strategy. […]

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“How do I afford a Beachbody Virtual Assistant??”

This is the most often asked question,“how do I afford a Beachbody virtual assistant?” So many times when I am asked that the person is often looking only at the dollar amount and not the value and the benefit of what a virtual assistant can bring to their business. Here’s the value a Virtual Assistant […]

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