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Business Tips

Top 4 Tips for Running Successful Challenge Groups

I have been working with Beachbody coaches for over three years, from Emerald to 15-star diamond, and there is one constant business building item that every coach struggles with at one time and that is creating challenging groups that engage. Since I have worked with a variety of coaches, I have a ton of best […]

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What is a Virtual Assistant and How a VA Can Support Your Biz

So what is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients from a home office. You need a VA if… You are spending too much of your precious energy and focus on tasks that are not bringing in revenue. You feel like you […]

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Social Media Mistakes & How You Can Improve

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs rely on social media to grow their business and build a community, but are you making these social media mistakes? Here are strategies to help you avoid the faux-pax and ensure your social media is on point: Ignoring your followers Are you trying to build your audience? Or perhaps you […]

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What EXACTLY can a Social Media Manager do for your business?

Social media managers balance a lot of hats and more than most clients realize daily. Although you can see the tangible results from managing a social media account, such as organic growth and content/scheduling, there are a lot of other behind-the-scenes work that has to be accomplished by plugging the content into Smarter Queue or […]

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Expand Your Business with a Social Media Strategy: Tools

In part one of this series, we discussed why visual marketing is integral to your social media strategy and how a brand board can create consistency on all of your platforms. Your brand voice is just as important. In part two of this series, we discussed how building a brand voice and staying authentic is […]

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