This is the most often asked question,“how do I afford a Beachbody virtual assistant?” So many times when I am asked that the person is often looking only at the dollar amount and not the value and the benefit of what a virtual assistant can bring to their business.

afford beachboady virtual assistant

Here’s the value a Virtual Assistant can provide:
* Your energy (and focus) is going to be more concentrated on what brings money into your business.
* Many Virtual Assistants are highly experienced. They become a partner in the growth of your business versus someone you delegate work to.
* It’s in your assistant’s best interest that you grow your business. They become invested in YOUR success.

Hiring virtual support is much more cost-effective compared to an employee or even a part-time student. There are no benefits, taxes, space or equipment.

How much can you afford? Remember that you will increase your income with support.

What is your time worth?

What will you be doing with the time you will have freed up? Those revenue-generating activities such as work with clients, create content, sales, and marketing.
In the end, you will make more money and the assistant pays for herself.

If you are focused on your genius work (unique abilities), imagine the growth in your business! You’ll be happier and you’ll start seeing more results.
What questions do you have around getting the support of an assistant, affording the help, and ensuring an ROI?
When beginning to work with a virtual support team or assistant, I suggest that you start slow. Give them no more than 3 or 4 things that they can get started with (this is especially true for someone who is hiring their first assistant or you’re on a tight budget).

Be specific with your expectations in terms of how you want these things done and give a deadline or timeframe that you’d like them to be completed by. Then check in and be available for questions.

And most importantly, have trust! I know it can be hard to let go but you have to begin to build trust and there will be an adjustment period.

If you’re hiring someone will the necessary skills, they still need to know how you like the tasks done and time to get familiar with your work style and flow.

Ready to learn more about how a virtual support team can give you more time back in your day? Contact me today!